December Meeting

We’re gathering in the Mission District in San Francisco, for our first official meeting.  BYOB!



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Happy Thanksgiving, Behind the Scenes Video #3

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Have a great holiday! jad aka james

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Thanks to Andrew & Tyler

I just wanted to take a moment and thank Andrew and Tyler for making this all possible – StartupWeekend is such a great vehicle to launch ideas and simply to get to know some really incredible people – thanks.


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Been to the War

I was at the Google Open Social presentation on Monday. I had registered before I ever went to Startup Weekend. There were at least a dozen Startup Weekend veterans there. There were also a few people that were only there on Friday night who I did not remember.

As I was watching the presentation, people kept coming up to me and saying Hi. The girl next to me said “Wow, you know a lot of people here”. I told her that I just met them on the weekend. I realized something on Monday. It had been about only 24 hours since I had seen many of these people but it was like we were old friends that had not seen each other in a long time.

I met some people that only attended on Friday night of Startup Weekend. That was nothing. I felt the same to them as I feel to anybody that hands me a card at a networking event. It is hard to explain to somebody that has not been to a Startup Weekend but I know that I was not the only person that felt that way. Over the weekend, 2 people asked me to be part of their startups and 1 person asked to be part of mine.

On the Friday of Startup weekend, I chatted with Andrew and he told me that it did not matter which idea we implemented. I thought that he was full of it. I was going to bail out if we had picked the wedding website idea . Personally, I am really happy with the idea we implemented. In hindsight, he was right.

It didn’t matter what idea we implemented. I met some incredibly talented people on the weekend. People that I would enjoy working with again. In full disclosure, I also met some people that annoyed me. However, when we met on Monday, we had been to the war together ( Silicon Valley sense).


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HelpHookup Presentation at Google

Wow, our team is spreading the word out like crazy. We just did a presentation at Google’s OpenSocial event. It was great to see our weekend work already on the big screens at the  Googleplex. Alexander, Abdul, Ivan, and Elsi pulled off an impressive show. Thank you guys. Here are some snippets:

HelpHookup Presentation at Google

HelpHookup Presentation at Google

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What inspired you ?

It had been a tough 5 days & I was ready to call it a week when something told me that I should check out the startupweekend event at Microsoft’s San Francisco Office — I was not to be disappointed.

What is a startupweekend event? In a nutshell, 85-100 of the smartest, most interesting, most varied people you would ever meet come together under controlled chaos and create something special. There are no pre-set rules, tools or modes of conduct — rather these are defined by the community at adhoc meetings that take place as the need arises.

This weekend, we came together & built a community response tool – in one weekend. It was a beautiful thing – conceived, built, marketed, and released in such a short time. Kudos to Andrew Hyde, Tyler Willis & the awesome people who participated.

My Question to team is – what inspired you to stick it out & be part of this wonderful event?


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The day after

Just woke up (3:00pm). It was such a hectic weekend. It feels like waking up from a dream. The Web site is still up and that’s great. However, there are a lot of bugs that we need to fix quicly. We have a running application, but it’s at the alpha stage. I’m not sure how many users added it already. For those who did, please excuse the unpolished look, the lack of content, and the bugs. Remember, the whole project was conceived, built, marketed, and released in one weekend. So, although it’s not perfect, I think the team did a great job given the time frame.

– Waleed

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