We launched

In the last second of the last minute. We’ll start sending out invites to those who signed up for them in phases. We’ll also post a video of the launch moments. Stay tuned.


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Wow, it’s been intense the last few hours. Apologies for not keeping you updated. We are so close to launching, but it’s not clear yet. We’re still waiting on dev to tell us if they’re going to make the midnight deadline. But we have a promo video ready, and the landing page is almost done.

By the way, once we put up the landing page we’ll move this blog to a different page and put a link to it.

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Looking into the FUTURE…

We had a meeting and discussion of how things are going to work for the future of the company. Or perhaps I should say companies. It’s a great reflection on the people of the San Francisco Bay Area when San Francisco’s Startup Weekend is creating the first nonprofit company to emerge from Startup Weekend. As we’re approaching midnight, our group of strangers has clearly become a strong community that is still focused on the goal. We also have an extremely passionate core team that will be leading us as we move forward. Great things will come from this.


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Pizza is here

It’s 7:23pm and it’s time for dinner. Thank you Microsoft for sponsoring it. – Wal



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Behind the Scenes Video #2

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From afar

Although I couldn’t make it today, I’ve been watching from afar while plugging away at work in downtown Oakland and smiling to myself that this weekend really did make “chispe”/sparks happen. I’ve really enjoyed watching and being part of the collaboration between people who do such different types of work. This type of collaboration is what I envision for journalists, developers and business people! It was fun coming up with the crazy concept for the video which is coming soon, but here’s the teaser!

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The Marketing Team

A photo break to record the moment. It’s been an intense weekend, and now we feel like we knew each other for a long time.

The Marketing Team

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