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Happy Thanksgiving, Behind the Scenes Video #3

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Have a great holiday! jad aka james


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What inspired you ?

It had been a tough 5 days & I was ready to call it a week when something told me that I should check out the startupweekend event at Microsoft’s San Francisco Office — I was not to be disappointed.

What is a startupweekend event? In a nutshell, 85-100 of the smartest, most interesting, most varied people you would ever meet come together under controlled chaos and create something special. There are no pre-set rules, tools or modes of conduct — rather these are defined by the community at adhoc meetings that take place as the need arises.

This weekend, we came together & built a community response tool – in one weekend. It was a beautiful thing – conceived, built, marketed, and released in such a short time. Kudos to Andrew Hyde, Tyler Willis & the awesome people who participated.

My Question to team is – what inspired you to stick it out & be part of this wonderful event?


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