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December Meeting

We’re gathering in the Mission District in San Francisco, for our first official meeting.  BYOB!



December 8, 2007 at 2:43 am 3 comments

Happy Thanksgiving, Behind the Scenes Video #3

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Have a great holiday! jad aka james

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HelpHookup Presentation at Google

Wow, our team is spreading the word out like crazy. We just did a presentation at Google’s OpenSocial event. It was great to see our weekend work already on the big screens at the  Googleplex. Alexander, Abdul, Ivan, and Elsi pulled off an impressive show. Thank you guys. Here are some snippets:

HelpHookup Presentation at Google

HelpHookup Presentation at Google

November 20, 2007 at 9:33 am 1 comment

What inspired you ?

It had been a tough 5 days & I was ready to call it a week when something told me that I should check out the startupweekend event at Microsoft’s San Francisco Office — I was not to be disappointed.

What is a startupweekend event? In a nutshell, 85-100 of the smartest, most interesting, most varied people you would ever meet come together under controlled chaos and create something special. There are no pre-set rules, tools or modes of conduct — rather these are defined by the community at adhoc meetings that take place as the need arises.

This weekend, we came together & built a community response tool – in one weekend. It was a beautiful thing – conceived, built, marketed, and released in such a short time. Kudos to Andrew Hyde, Tyler Willis & the awesome people who participated.

My Question to team is – what inspired you to stick it out & be part of this wonderful event?


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Promo Shoot


We just shot an incredible video promo..for Featuring and Starring the very sexy Elsie.. Stay Tuned!

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